Pipedrive is the CRM tool for salespeople in scaling companies.

Supported actions

For your Pipedrive account, YAP supports the following actions:
  • Create activity.
  • Create person.
  • Attach file (uploads a file and attaches it to a deal, person, organization, activity, product or note)
  • Create note
  • Update deal
  • Update person
  • Create deal
  • Create organization
  • Update activity
  • Update organization

Setup requirements

Before setup, check that you have granted to YAP the permission to send notification to your Pipedrive account. For this, sign in to Pipedrive and authorize the permissions requested by YAP.


Pipedrive API uses a JSON format for output and is capable of handling CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) requests. The API is stateless – all requests are validated against an API token. The API token can be obtained manually from the Pipedrive app, or via fetching the Authorizations objects.
For more details, see Pipedrive developer documentation.
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