Introduction is an image compressor and optimizer. You can optimize images by applying treatments and filters with Kraken. Because YAP data image connectors are designed for correctness and safety, YAP works smoothly in the source storage.

Supported actions

For your Kraken account, YAP supports managing image files: optimizing images and applying flexible strategy with JSON (see below the Example of resize strategy).
Example of resize strategy
"resize": [
"id": "small",
"strategy": "fit",
"width": 100,
"height": 100
For more information, take a look at Kraken API Reference and Developer Documentation.
Supported integrations sources
YAP sends compressed files directly to your cloud storage service:
  • Amazon
  • Azure Blob
  • (Google Cloud Storage coming!)
If you'd like to integrate your system with another application, please contact YAP support team ([email protected]).

Setup requirements

Before setup, please check that you have granted to YAP the permission to send notification to your Kraken account. For this, sign in to Kraken and authorize the permissions requested by YAP.
Also, fill in information into your widget:
  • API Key
  • Secret
  • Strategy (JSON instructions from Kraken)


Questions? We're always happy to help with any issues you might have! Send us an email to [email protected] or request the demo with our sales team.