PAYMILL is a payment solution platform that enables online businesses to accept payments on their websites within a very short time.

Supported actions

For your PAYMILL account, YAP supports the following actions:
  • Create customer
  • Update customer
  • Find customer
  • Find charge

Setup requirements

Before setup, please check that you have granted to YAP the permission to send notification to your PAYMILL account. For this, sign in to PAYMILL and authorize the permissions requested by YAP.


To authenticate at the Paymill API, you need the private key of your test or live account. You have to use http basic access authentication. Your key has to be set as the username. A password isn't required and you don't have to insert one. But if you want, feel free to insert an arbitrary string.
All your requests must be made via https. Requests which will be made in another way will fail. This is for security reasons of the submitted data.
Be sure that your API Key is a "secret" and "live" variant. Note restricted keys are allowed, but we will not be able to properly label/identify them.
For more information, please see PAYMILL documentation.
Questions? We're always happy to help with any issues you might have! Send us an email to [email protected] or request the demo with our sales team.